Women's safety charter
Karen Whybro Consultants are advisors to local authorities, BIDs (business improvement district), businesses and organisations to improve women's safety and end violence against women and girls. Working alongside community safety partnerships, local police and crime prevention officers and local leaders, we create impactful campaigns and safety charters to make cities and towns safer for women. Our work incorporates undertaking localised research on feelings of safety, identifying areas of concern, creating a city/town specific campaign to improve attitudes and behaviour towards women and creation of safety charters for your town or city. 
Along with academics from the University of Essex, our research has been included in a paper being published in 2022 on women's safety and, more specifically, how women change their behaviour according to how safe they feel. This 'fear paradox' is a crucial element to understanding how and why women feel unsafe, how to improve that feeling of safety and create a multi-disciplinary approach with partners to build stronger communities.